Possible exposure to measles

Possible exposure to Measles

You are receiving this information as you or your child attended a medical clinic recently.

A person infectious with measles was in the same area of the clinic as you (and anyone accompanying you) at around the same time. There is a small possibility that you, or those with you, could have contracted measles.

The risk of getting ill is particularly high for those who have had no measles vaccinations or not had measles before. It may take up to 14 days for an unprotected individual to develop the disease after exposure to an infectious person.

You do not need to do anything if:

  • You have had at least one dose of measles vaccine (MMR) documented. Your vaccinations should be in your Plunket or Well Child book or your practice may have records.
  • OR a doctor diagnosed you with measles in the past
  • OR you were born before 1969.

You or your child will need to stay at home in quarantine and watch for measles symptoms if

  • You were born after 1st January 1969 AND
  • You cannot prove that you have had one MMR vaccination or measles infection in the past.

Your date of exposure to measles was 9th September 2019. Seven days after this date you will need to begin your quarantine period of eight days. You or your child will need to stay at home away from visitors for this whole eight days, even if you feel well.

During this time we ask that you or your child stay at home and away from visitors (unless they are known to be immune to measles). Do not go to school, work, early education centre, church or other public places during this time as you could pass on measles even if you feel well.

The symptoms of measles are a fever, runny nose, cough and sore red eyes, followed by a rash which starts on the face or neck and then moves down the body.

If you develop the symptoms described above, please call Healthline (24 hours) on 0800 611 116, or contact your GP for advice. Please phone the medical centre or hospital before you go so they can isolate you to prevent the spread of measles in their clinic. 

Please pass this information on to anyone under 50 years who accompanied you in the clinic.

More information is available on the ARPHS website (www.arphs.govt.nz).