Fracture Clinics

Shorecare Urgent Care holds a number of fracture clinics per week to provide patients with specialist treatment for fractures they have sustained through injury. These fracture clinics are conducted by Orthopaedic Specialists that enable patients to receive the best on-going orthopaedic care in the community.
Fracture clinics with Orthopaedic Specialists are available after patients have been assessed by a medical practitioner, and by appointment only.

Please note that there is an administration fee of $20 for all patients, for all specialist clinics.
This fee is payable at the end of the specialist appointment.

Fracture clinics are held at Smales Farm on the following days:-

Time Specialist
Monday 3pm-5.30pm Andrew Campbell
Monday and Wednesday times vary Stephanie van Dijck
Wednesday and Thursday (alternate) times vary Rupert van Rooyen
Friday (alternate) 9am-11am Peter Mutch
Friday (alternate) 8:30am-12pm John Mutu-Grigg


Fracture clinics are held at Northcross on the following days:-

Time Specialist
Tuesday 1pm-3pm Josie Sinclair
Friday 8.30am-11am Andrew Campbell