Driving to Greenlane Clinical Centre

  1. Take the Southern Motorway heading into the city.
  2. Continue on the Southern Motorway past Auckland city.
  3. Take the Greenlane turn off and exit to the right of the roundabout, heading west onto Greenlane Road.
  4. Follow Greenlane Road until you come to Gate 1 of the Greenlane Clinical Centre. This is just past a set of traffic lights.
  5. Turn left into Gate 1 and continue around to the left to the front of the Greenlane Clinical Centre.
  6. Parking is available in the front of this building.
  7. Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. follow the directions to the Eye Clinic.
  8. After hours you will be seen in the Eye Ward. If the main door is locked, push the bell on the front of this building and security will come and let you in. No other doors should be unlocked into the building after hours.