COVID19 update 22/10/2020

We have a booking system for COVID19 tests but will accept walk ins (PLEASE PHONE FIRST). During busy periods you may be given a time to return, or you may have an extended wait for a clinician to test you.

As many of you are aware, the North Shore is again experiencing some coronavirus activity. This is a tricky virus and globally we are all still learning the best ways to tackle it. Overall NZ is still doing well. At time plans are unclear or still being worked out and we know this can be confusing and create frustration and anxiety. Please be assured we are all doing our best to keep up with developments.

So – if you think you have had contact with someone with Covid, stay calm, please self-isolate.   Call Healthline for your local testing centre.

Why are cases different in certain environments? We know the virus drifts further when people are singing or shouting. We know it hangs about in enclosed spaces and on surfaces where there is an infected person. In pubs for instance there is loud music and alcohol; we speak louder, laugh and spend hours in the same space; we share finger food and may not practice very good hand hygiene. So although in general, a ‘close’ contact would have to be ‘within 2m for over 15 minutes’, in a Pub, even people further away i.e. ‘casual’ contacts are at higher risk.

So they are absolutely correct to handle a pub case differently; sometimes there is a delay in communicating exactly how it is to be handled.

  1. Please continue to be kind and patient with our Urgent Care staff, who are there for you in the frontline and taking personal risks to keep your community healthy.
  2. Please note that a COVID test can always wait until the morning, unless ARPHS has specifically and individually instructed you otherwise (very rare) or if you are very unwell
  3. There are testing centres which do nothing but COVID tests; their results are prioritised and they are set up for a surge in demand. Please use them.
  4. Urgent Care clinics have a crucial role for those who are unwell or injured. We cannot stop this work and we have limited capacity to cater for a big surge in demand for COVID testing. We are doing testing, of course, and we will book in times for this, when possible.
  5. We are the place to come to urgently IF you are unwell and think it could be COVID; BUT if you are extremely unwell please call Healthline first as they may divert you straight to hospital.

Noho ora mai,

The ShoreCare team