Useful websites

Website Information
Starship hospital Starship is Auckland's dedicated Children's Hospital. You may be referred from us to Starship if your child is unwell or injured, needing further evaluation or treatment.
Waitakere Hospital Most children needing further hospital evaluation or treatment will be referred to Waitakere Hospital.
Middlemore Hospital The Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery service at Middlemore Hospital provides services to the entire Auckland area. Shorecare may refer you here if you have a acute illness or injury that needs further evaluation or treatment. This includes treatment of burns and hand injuries.
North Shore Hospital You may be referred to North Shore Hospital if you require further evaluation or treatment.
Kids Health Kids Health aims to provide accurate and reliable information about children's health for New Zealand parents, caregivers, and family. It is a joint initiative between the Paediatric Society of New Zealand and the Starship Foundation.
Healthline For telephone health advice 24 hours a day.
Medical Council of New Zealand The Medical Council of New Zealand registers doctors in New Zealand and is also responsible for their standards, conduct and competence.
Nursing council of New Zealand The Nursing Council of New Zealand registers nurses in New Zealand and is also responsible for their standards, conduct and competence.
Ministry of Health The Ministry of Health leads New Zealands Health and Disability system.
Auckland District Health Board Shorecare may refer you to ADHB if you have an eye (Ophthalmology Services) or ENT (Ear, nose, throat) (ENT Services) problem requiring further evaluation or treatment.
Primary options This is a service that allows Shorecare to access investigations, care or treatment as an alternative to hospital admission in some cases.
St John Ambulance St John provide ambulance services throughout New Zealand. If this is an emergency please call 111.
Accident Compensation Corporation For help if you have an injury.
Health and Disability Commissioner The Health and Disability Commissioner is independent with the mission to uphold consumer rights which includes promotion and protection, resolving complaints, service monitoring and advocacy and education.
Royal Children's Hospital Excellent fact sheets about a range of childhood illnesses.
Lab Tests All of the tests our Doctors order are performed by Labtests. If you are given a lab form for tests you will need to go to one of the collection centres (Lab Tests Collection Centres)
Med Safe Medsafe is responsible for the safety of medicines available in New Zealand. They also provide comprehensive information about particular medications.